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Hawkins with Ferro Rod in Clear Firefly


Brand Dogwood Custom Knives

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Just as the name implies the Hawkins knife is a reliable go to companion for an experienced woodsmen.  The Hawkins knife can trace its heritage back through the writing of Horace Kephart, past the lessons learned on the western frontier and into the trade knives of the early American settlement.   America is a vast and diverse country ranging from frozen tundra in Alaska to baked sand in Death Valley and across the swamp in the South East.   The knife of an American outdoorsman needs to be able to function in all of these places, and the Hawkins does. The blade is designed to be effective at outdoor task.  Anything from  dressing game, cutting potatoes, preparing kindling for the fire or notching sticks.  The Hawkins knife is specifically designed to be in the outdoors, be it day hike or long trek. It is light and easy to carry,  sized so that depending on where you are, it could be a stand alone blade, paired with hatchet, tomahawk or machete or teamed up with a smaller knife as a primary blade. The shape and geometry of the blade and handle give excellent control and leverage when cutting, slicing, rough cutting or doing finer tasks, the Hawkins is a knife that marks a true outdoorsman.

This knife includes a sheath by Reliance Leatherworks.

Knife Specs

Overall Length (OAL): 9"
Blade Length: 4.5"
Handle Length: 4.5"
Blade Width: 1/8"
Steel: CPM-154
Finish: Satin
Grind: Full-Height Flat
Handle Material: Clear with Green Firefly and Clear Liner
Pins: Two 1/8" G-10 Pins
Other Features: Stainless Steel Lanyard Tube

Ferro Rod Specs

Width: 5/16"
Handle Material: Clear with Green Firefly
Other Features: Stainless Steel Tube with Shock Cord

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