Dogwood Custom Knives creates some of the most functional, rugged and beautiful knives available. Each knife is a unique piece and we want to make sure that it turns out exactly how you want it. Below is a list of options we offer-


SPEAR POINT Spear Point blades have a symmetrical, or near symmetrical taper from the cutting edge and spine to the tip of the knife. This is one of the strongest tip shapes as it leaves the most metal behind the tip. Great shape for utility/bushcraft knives.
DROP POINT The drop point is similar to the spear point but the spine does not taper down as much. This shape offers a large belly (great for skinning and slicing) as well as the additional tip strength due to the dropped (slightly tapered) point.
CLIP POINT The clip point is probably the most distinctive common blade shape. Instead of the spine rounding or tapering off, it follows an abrupt line from spine to tip, or actually curves inward before reaching the tip. This shape weakens the tip, but makes it much “pointier” and is beneficial for stabbing or piercing penetration.


  • 0-1 Tool Steel
  • 1084 Carbon Steel
  • ABEL Stainless
  • cpm-154 Stainless Steel
  • s35vn Stainless Steel




A convex grind implies that the cutting edge has been sharpened in such a way the the blade curves/tapers down to the edge, or has a convex shape. This grind is loved for the strength behind the cutting edge and edge retention.


The scandi grind is one of the simplest there is. A scandi grind is a single bevel and is extremely easy to sharpen in the field. It also leaves strength in the blade because less metal is removed. A favorite among bushcrafters.


A flat grind consists of two bevels—a long straight grind from high on the blade toward the edge, and a short secondary bevel connecting the flat grind to the actual edge. This grind makes for excellent slicing but significantly weakens the blade.



  • Micarta | layers of fiber usually paper, linen or canvas saturated with epoxy and compressed while it cures. Micarta is non porous, very stable and highly resistant to weather and wear.
  • G10 | G10 is similar to micarta except it is a epoxy infused fiberglass instead of paper/linen/canvas material. G10 is very sturdy, lightweight, non-shrinking and nearly impervious to moisture.
  • Wood | Wood can make for beautiful and classic looking handles, but it also has the tendency to wear and move on the blade handle. Stabilized wood are woods that have been infused with resin to make them last longer and be tougher.
  • other options are available by request and for custom orders