Akela with Premium Leather Sheath


Brand Dogwood Custom Knives

We have always made outdoor and kitchen knives, but some of my buddies in the service have been after me to make a "filed knife." After much research, I went with an early style Bowie knife as the base because what else should an American solder carry than a Bowie? I replaced the brass guard and made it wider to protect the all important index finger, contoured the handle for better recession and control, and made it a little bigger to account for gloved hands. Akela is the father wolf, the lone hunter, and if ever comes time to make the trees grow, he is the one you want with you.

This Akela includes a premium leather sheath by Reliance Leatherworks.

Overall Length (OAL): 11-3/8"
Blade Length: 6"
Handle Length: 5-3/8"
Blade Width: 3/32"
Steel: CPM-154
Finish: Forge Scale
Grind: 7° Flat
Handle Material: Natural Micarta with Black G-10 Liner
Handle Pins: Three Natural Micarta Pins, 1/4" Tube

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