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Piranha with Acrylic & Aluminum Handle


Brand Dogwood Custom Knives

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I wanted a compact knife that could handle big-knife work during my trip to the Amazon. The distinctive curved shape makes the Piranha easy to carry, even in dense jungle, and gives it extra leverage and a strong mechanical advantage. Even though it is small and nimble, it can power through big cuts. The tip can also be used for delicate work by using a pinch grip. This blade and a machete were all I used for two weeks in the jungle. Just like it’s namesake, the Piranha is small, sharp-toothed, and fierce.

Overall Length (OAL): 8"
Blade Length: 3.5"
Handle Length: 4.5"
Blade Width: 3/32"
Steel: CPM-154
Finish: Satin
Grind: Full-Height Convex Grind
Handle Material: Acrylic & Aluminum

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