Product Lines

The House Line

Our House knives are an introductory line that provides a high level of quality at a reasonable price. All of our House knives are Dogwood designs built to our high quality standards using production runs and automation to keep the prices down.


The Signature Line

Our Signature knives are the foundation of the Dogwood brand. Each of our Signature knives is handmade entirely in house by Dan using premium materials, which might include cutting edge steel or 90-year-old select grade black walnut. Because the Signature line carries Dan’s signature, it is built to the highest standards of fit and finish.


The Custom Line

For our Custom knives, the sky is the limit. The Customs line is the best way for you to get exactly what you want with no compromises. Choose any steel, any handle material, and any upgrades to be built by Dan to his exacting standards.