Where are your knives made?

All Dogwood Custom Knives are completely handmade by us, from USA materials, in the USA.

Where can I purchase a Dogwood Custom Knife?

You can buy directly through us and occasionally through select knife dealers.

What is Heritage?

Heritage is the sister company of Dogwood Custom Knives. Heritage Knives are Mid-Tech knives based on Dogwood patterns but made in large batches to lower the price point. We have folded the Heritage line into our House brand.

How long does it take to receive a custom order if I don't purchase from available inventory?

We craft by hand each and every knife we make. And this does take time. When crafting your personal knife to your specifications, assuming we have all materials on hand, the knife making process can take 7-14 days in total for each step. And of course, your order is in the queue. When you place your order we will provide and confirm an estimated delivery time. 


What is the best grind for me?

There is not one perfect grind for your knife. Each grind has evolved to do a certain task or small group of tasks.  To this point and speaking in general terms here is a description of each grind we do.

  • Scandi Grind is great for wood carving.

  • Convex Grind is for chopping and cutting proteins.

  • Flat Grinds are the general purpose work horse of grinds, used in outdoor and kitchen knives.

  • High Flat Grinds are for slicing.

  • Micro Bevel can make an edge more robust and can help with sharpening,

  • Concave Grinds are for very fine work needing a very fine edge like a razor or a scalpel


What is the difference between the types of steels you offer?

We now live in a world where stainless steels can have more carbon in them than traditional “high carbon steels."  Grain structure has changed improving the wear resistance and toughness of blades.  We at Dogwood Custom Knives are constantly working with new steel types and heat treat combinations to get the best properties for the task the knife was intended. Currenty we use CPM-154, CPM-s35vn, AEB-L, and O-1.


What types of handle materials do you offer?

We are always looking for new materials for our handles, but at this point we use the following materials:

  • G-10 is UV stable, resistant to acids and bases, impervious to water, very stable, available wide variety of colors, heavy, usually lacks grain, low/no maintenance, and very strong.

  • Micarta is UV stable, resistant to acids and bases, impervious to water, very stable, easy to work with, lighter than G-10, low/no maintenance, and has “grain” and texture,  but color options are limited.

  • Stabilized Wood is just as beautiful as wood, available in a variety of colors, impervious to water, rot resistant, easy to work with, but is occasionally sensitive to extreme heat.

  • Wood is beautiful, classical and traditional, often lighter then stabilized woods, G-10, and Micarta, and is a showcase of the skill of the maker.  However, wood needs maintenance and care due to the fact it will swell with moisture.

  • Firefly  IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, I MEAN REALLY GLOWS IN THE DARK! The glow will last 10 years and counting. Firefly is UV resistant, resistant to acids and bases, impervious to water, very stable, low/no maintenance, easy to work with, and comes in a variety of colors.

  • Bone is classic, elegant and polishes to a fine luster. However, bone is also porous and requires maintenance.

Are there other options for a custom order?

Yes! Just drop us a note at orders@dogwoodcustomknives.com and we can begin the conversation 

Tell me more about Firefly!

Firefly is a proprietary material that Dan Eastland created when he became frustrated with the limitations of materials that were available on the market at the time.  By casting stabilized “glow stones” in epoxy, Dogwood can produce handles that are highly visible in full light and will glow in low and no light conditions, with the advantage of color options!    When exposed to 30 minutes of direct sunlight firefly will produce 8+ hours of glow making it useful in virtually any situation.  Firefly is resistant to acids, bases, water, UV, mold, rot, and mildew, making it an incredibly durable glow-in-the-dark material. Ongoing testing will determine the lifespan of Firefly, but it has already exceeded 10 years. If you are interested in purchasing Firefly in volume for uses aside from knife handles, please contact us at dan@dogwoodcustomknives.com.