Fish & Fowl

Fish & Fowl


Would you like a sheath? This knife does not come with a sheath included but you can buy a leather sheath for $20 in the Accessories section of the store.

This knife fits a “F” style sheath

Growing up, I always admired my dad's knife with sweeping lines. The memory of this knife stuck with me through the years. As a man, I began fishing and bird hunting, but often found traditional trout and bird knives too small for large bass and doves. As I designed this Fish & Fowl knife, I focused on creating a blade that could handle the larger fish and birds. This blade does the job beautifully for less than $100!

Overall Length (OAL): 9.25" Blade Length: 4.5" Handle Length: 4.75" Blade Width: 3/32" Steel: 440C Finish: Satin Grind: 6° Flat with Secondary Bevel

Handle Material:
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